Mobile Application Development in India

The perspective of android application development

mobile application development

The android application development has changed the life of people by adopting latest technologies. It is the most widely used platform by almost all Smartphone users. Nowadays users are demanding mobile companies to build the device based on android platform. The android application development made heavy competition to other platforms

Google gives three version of SDK kit. Mac OS, Linux, Windows shares the SDK kit. The development environment consists of eclipse and roll your own. Eclipse is the most widely used environment as it is easy to handle the tools. The installation process of tools and devices are free in android platform. The users has to simply download the development tools from the Internet. Google shares 70% of the profit to the app development company.

Android applications are built on Linux OS. Eclipse is the most widely used environment for android application development. Accessing the data in android platform is much faster and easier as compared to the iPhone platform. The open source nature of the android also adds an extra advantage to the users. Java is the widely used language by most of the users. Hence the android applications are built using the Java programming.

With the SDK kit android application development allows users to build creative applications. The application is created and submitted in the gppgle's play store. When an application is submitted in the Google's apps store, it immediately makes the application to be available for the users. Thus the android application development holds huge share in the mobile apps market.
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